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As you can imagine, crafting supplies can take up space.

I've never had a designated space of my own for Little Bohemian Heart, and that has been challenging. I dreamed of having a space where I could start a project, be able to leave it, and come back to work on it later. A space where supplies could be stored all in one place, and in an organized manner. Well, it finally happened.

Kids grow up and move out on their own, bedrooms become vacant, and new space opens up. Thank you to my 6' 4'' youngest son, Jacob, who gave me the blessing to use his childhood room ...

Husband, Bruce, is handy and painted my space a lovely shade of lilac. I love purple, and red. I also love all things sparkly, and since we just celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary (think diamond anniversary), he gave me a ceiling light fixture that sparkles like diamonds. I love this man.

One of our fur babies, Pumpkin, shares the room with me.

Let the creativity flow!


I do like making baby cocoons. There's just something so comforting about sitting in front of a fire and knitting. These cocoons work well for newborn photo props, but they also have a following for folks who love their Reborn Dolls!

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